The Beneficent, the Merciful, Lord of the worlds, Master of the Day of Requital (Judgment) is none other than Allah. The King, the Compassionate, the Gracious and the Creator are all but some of God’s names, given to Him to describe His cosmic role and power. These descriptive names demonstrate or display the role that Allah is entitled with as being the supreme and only god, as well as His achievements as being God. It seems odd and initially shocking that God can be described and has a personality to which God is a being or idea that is thought of as unfathomable to humans. For the most part Allah is considered all encompassing and little thought or expression is given to describing or characterizing Allah with human relations or little thought is given to relate Allah as human.  A subject, particularly in the West, which is avoided and deferred, is precisely why Allah is shrouded in mystery and misconceived.  Yet the Holy Qur’an and the scholars of the scripture describe God and His many characteristics and attributes that are sometimes misunderstood, unknown or often overlooked.